Big Brothers and Sisters and Breastfeeding

November 9, 2008 at 9:52 pm Leave a comment

Does your baby have a big brother or sister?   As you nurse your infant, siblings of all ages may have questions about nursing or want to be involved in the care of the new family member.  Here are some tips for making breastfeeding a family friendly part of life!   

  • Talk to the kids about how they were fed and had special time time with mommy and now the baby needs this special time too.  Discuss special memories of feeding time with other children whether they were bottle or breastfed. 
  • When you are breastfeeding explain to your child what you are doing.  Its ok to show them pictures of babies being fed by their mothers. 
  • Involve children who are able to help out by asking them to bring you a drink, take phone messages, or read or play games with other younger siblings.   
  • Discuss the fact that you’re breastfeeding with the child’s teacher to make sure they support breastfeeding or understand your decision.  This will prepare the teacher if the child asks any questions or imitates nursing in their play at school.   
  • You do not need to hide breastfeeding from your children.  Convey to children that breastfeeding is normal and healthy.     
  • If you see your child pretending to nurse a doll, do not tell them to stop. Instead ask them to tell you about their baby.

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